Chocolate / Ramon Morató

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Chocolate / Ramon Morató
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Chocolate af Ramon Morató

Forlaget skriver:

Over 416 pages, 200 recipes, step-by-step photographs of the most important preparation techniques, 18 cakes and individual cakes, 24 bonbons, 10 turrons, 5 snacks, 8 desserts for restaurants, 7 petit fours and 8 bonbons for restaurants.

Studies on mousses, truffles, fillings, raw materials and all the information about the most important techniques in chocolate making.

"There is a need in this professional sector for a book consisting of a rigorous, in-depth study of chocolate, in all its manifestations and variants. The author’s aim when writing this extensive work was to give equal importance to the results obtained from all the research he made and all the technological aspects in general, as well as to the numerous recipes that have been included, and which contain the minutest details. The perfect balance between theory and practice is what makes this book so successful.

And who better than Ramon Morató to carry out such a monumental task, thanks to his extensive experience, his capacity for hard work, his strong sense of dedication as well as orderliness, the high standards he sets himself, his talent and creativity, and, above all, the passion he feels for his job – because here is a man enamoured of his profession."

Sideantal: 416
Sprog: Engelsk/spansk
Udgivet: 2014

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