Bites and tales from Greenland / Kennie Ørsted, Sune Rasborg

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Forlaget skriver:

The authors Kennie Ørsted and Sune Rasborg tries to describe some of the experiences they have had in Greenland over the years. They are not arranged chronologically, so you can read the book in any order you like.

Because Greenland offers the finest ingrediens, and food means so much to the authors, many of the stories in this book revolve around food in one way or another. They have created some recipes as their suggestions for how to use Greenlandic ingredients.

The book is stuffed with stunning photos from Greenland and its people alongside really beautiful and appetizing images of dishes offered in this book. Maybe you even want to go visit this magnificent country ...

Kennie Ørsted has participated in the Danish Masterchef competition twice in 2021, and apart from being a foodie he loves making music and travel. Sune Rasborg, born at the island Bornholm, is a Danish chef and writer. He has been a food stylist and chef in Copenhagen.

Sideantal: 204
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2023