Atelier September: A place for daytime cooking / Frederik Bille Brahe

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Forlaget skriver:

This is a blueprint, you could say, for how to live a good life, eat well, and be happy.

"Atelier September: A place for daytime cooking" is the first cookbook dedicated to the renowned Copenhagen restaurant, featuring recipes from owner Frederik Bille Brahe, who grants exclusive access to Atelier September's most iconic dishes.

86 recipes offer mostly vegetarian takes on breakfast, lunch, sweets, and Atelier September's staples, including the "Avocado mad", all with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Frederik renders recipes for fluffy, financier-like pancakes, seasonal soups and salads, and matcha-flavoured desserts with the same familiarity that shaped his first, best-selling book with Apartamento, "All the Stuff We Cooked".

An introduction and poetic interludes written by Frederik offer a glimpse into Atelier September's early days and culinary inspirations, backstory for what would become one of the most celebrated restaurants in Copenhagen.

Edited by Jeni Porter and featuring photographs by Rasmus Weng Karlsen, the book is a kind of homecoming – both in the memories evoked by familiar flavours and beautiful objects, as well as through the lifelong friends we make gathered around a table.

Sideantal: 256
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2023

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