The flavour of elegance / Begona Rodrigo

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El sabor de la elegancia = The flavour of elegance af Begoña Rodrigo

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Bilingual Spanish/English Version.

You are in front of a work carried out by Begoña Rodrigo that reveals what for many are the rules of contemporary cuisine: taste, technique, beauty and raw material. This self-taught cook with burned-out forearms knows that the craft is forged at the foot of the kitchen and she, stubborn as few, has taken root near the stove. We talked about a person who, three days after being a mother, returned to the kitchen of her restaurant. Begoña knows the sea ... but also mountain, mushrooms and hunting. Formed in a run over in different kitchens and hotels (always outside Spain) received a classical training.

Today, ten years after lifting the blind from her restaurant, she is still a great lover of a kitchen in freedom. Begoña Rodrigo, who tried foie gras at the age of 26, is today the example for many chefs who embark on a business adventure in the world of hospitality that the tenacity and nonconformity are elements that seldom give results. The flavors defined, the beauty in abundance in its creations, the use of the technique in the service of taste and a correct choice of raw material (native or foreign) make this work that you have in your hands become a perfect manual To apply in their restaurant and, also, to know more thoroughly the cook Begoña Rodrigo.

Sideantal: 256
Sprog: Engelsk og spansk
Udgivet: 2016