Spice Trip / Emma Grazette og Stevie Parle

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Spice Trip: The Simple Way to Make Food Exciting af Emma Grazette og Stevie Parle

Forlaget skriver:

Stevie Parle and Emma Grazette are on a mission to spice up kitchens and revolutionize the way people cook with the treasures hidden away in their cupboards.

This book, accompanying the award-winning Channel 4 series, will show just how to bring the magic of spice into your home. Emma and Stevie have been on a journey to all corners of the world to discover the secrets of six essential everyday spices, learning from the world's experts – the people who grow and cook with them every day. In this book they share the best recipes, therapies, and mementoes from their journey.

Their recipes are inspired not just by the countries visited on this trip, but from all over the world. Some are hot, some sweet, some subtle, and they're all special, take less than 20 minutes to prepare, and are really easy to cook. And as well as exploring the culinary uses of each spice, Emma also reveals their therapeutic value through the secrets she discovered from the remarkable people she met on her journey.

With over 100 thoroughly tested recipes, therapies, and photography from an incredible journey, let Spice Trip transform your cooking and your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Sideantal: 304
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2012