Seared / Genevieve Taylor

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Seared / Genevieve Taylor
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Seared: The Ultimate Guide to Barbecuing Meat af Genevieve Taylor

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Divided into two sections – BEAST and BIRD – and into SLOW and FAST within those sections, live-fire cooking expert Genevieve Taylor covers everything you’ll ever need to know about buying and cooking all kinds of meat, from steaks and fillets, to whole joints and whole birds, and looking at techniques from brining to marinading, smoking to braising, searing super-hot and low and slow cooking.

Genevieve provides essential information about setting up your barbecue, sourcing your fuel and lighting your fire, and setting up your grill, with troubleshooting tips throughout. Full of succulent, colourful recipes, Seared is the most useful, practical and comprehensive guide to grilling meat on the market.

Sideantal: 224
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2022

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