This Is Sunday Dinner / Lisa Caponigri

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This Is Sunday Dinner / Lisa Caponigri
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This Is Sunday Dinner: 52 Seasonal Italian Menus af Lisa Caponigri

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Sunday dinner is back, with this collection of 52 five-course menus from Lisa Caponigri, and this time, she takes a seasonal approach, with authentic recipes from four iconic regions of Italy.

In Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner? Lisa Caponigri presented a year's worth of delicious and authentic Italian menus for the entire family to enjoy. Now she's back with another 52 dinners, but with a fresh new seasonal approach that reflects the cuisines of Piemonte (winter), Campania (spring), Sicily (summer), and Tuscany (fall).

Throughout, Caponigri showcases Italy's varied and abundant produce, from summery artichokes, apricots, figs, and the famous San Marzano tomato to hearty roasted meats and rich risottos to ward off the cold. The entire book brims with Lisa's energy, her reminiscences of living in Italy, anecdotes about her family, and all the advice needed to get a spectacular Sunday dinner on the table – every Sunday of the year.

Lisa Caponigri's welcoming, accessible collection of Italian weekend recipes will be a boon to those preparing dinner for the entire family. – Publishers Weekly

Sideantal: 336
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2019