Ice Cream according to Østerberg / Cathrine Østerberg

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Now you can create your own, delicious ice creams and sorbets at home with the book "Ice cream according to Østerberg".

Cathrine Østerberg will follow you into the kitchen and produce ice cream with a great portion of creativity and science. Østerberg's scientific Master thesis about ice cream structure is the foundation of the recipes and the scientific approach to ice cream.

The recipes vary from the innovative ones like gin & yuzu, olive oil and beer ice cream to the more traditional strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. With more than 60 different recipes, there should be something for everyone. It is not needed to have an ice cream machine at home, but it is recommended because you will get a more creamy structure.

Sideantal: 112
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2023