The Forager Handbook / Miles Irving

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The Forager Handbook: A Guide to the Edible Plants of Britain af Miles Irving

Forlaget skriver:

At any time, in any place, food is there for the taking – if only people knew how to look. This foraging handbook tells readers how to recognize the rich possibilities that surround them – whether in the city or in the countryside. The author – who makes a living out of foraging – reveals the how, why, and what of this lost art.

He starts with the many different sorts of habitat, from waste ground to woodland, from cliff top to coastland. Many of these plants – nettles, dandelions, fat hen, sorrel – grow so profusely they are considered a nuisance, yet they offer fantastic food possibilities and are rich in nutrients. For each plant and mushroom, ideas for how to use them in the kitchen as well as their nutritional qualities are provided. With tips from some of the most exciting chefs working in Britain today, this book will take readers on a voyage of discovery.

Sideantal: 416
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2009