Eat to Your Heart's Content / Sat Bains

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Eat to Your Heart's Content: Recipes to improve your heart health from an award-winning chef & heart attack survivor / Sat Bains

Forlaget skriver:

Easy heart-healthy recipes by 2-star Michelin chef Sat Bains, written with nutritionist Dr Neil Williams.

Sat's obsession for more than three decades of being a chef has been big, bold flavor, and that's not something he's prepared to sacrifice to ensure his food is also heart healthy. He still enjoys the odd steak and glass of red wine – since we all, occasionally, need to treat ourselves – but it's always in moderation.

His diet focuses on lean protein and a mix of legumes, good fats – such as avocado, nuts and olive oil – vegetables and fruits, as well as seasonings that will help elevate any dish.

The recipes are designed for every day, use ingredients that can be bought from any supermarket and are accompanied by advice written by nutritionist Dr Neil Williams highlighting the ingredients that are rich in the vitamins and minerals that aid heart health.

Sideantal: 192
Sprog: Engelsk
Udgivet: 2024